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"Trustworthy, Honest, And Patient..."

About Our Firm

We provide specialised services to meet even the most daring requirements.

​The partners of Rajwin & Yong LLP have been serving the Singapore community and businesses since 2015 with measurable success. We pride ourselves on upholding a tradition of excellence, ensuring only the highest quality service. We understand the challenges and pressure that comes with every case and are here for you, every step of the way.

Dependable, calm, and well spoken, our team of legal professionals add the personal touch our clients deserve whilst approaching each new case with the attention it needs. Book your appointment with us today!

Jerry Yong

Managing Partner

Approached by clients for his innovative ideas, Jerry is ready to take your case head on. Jerry provides you with very frank and trustworthy advice, professional representation and strategic planning.

Rajwin Singh Sandhu

Co-Founding Partner

Rajwin is known by his peers as a warrior of justice in the Singapore court rooms. Essentially a community lawyer with a heart for the 'people on the street'.

Areas of Specialisation


Building & Construction Law

● Security of Payment.

● Project Planning.

● Disputes Management.

● Defect Liability Claims.

Protect your Cash Flow.


Commercial & Company Law

● Litigation.

● Drafting of Legal Documents.

Protect your Assets and Investments.


Family Disputes, Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

● Manage your family.

● Manage your life.

● Manage your assets.

Protect your Legacy.


Criminal & Regulatory Defense

● Acquittals.

● Mitigation Pleas.

● White-collar allegations.

Protect your Rights.

Why Choose Us


Because experience, by itself, does not solve problems. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS solve your problems.

  • Trusted for innovative solutions.

  • Professional delivery of services.

  • Strategic planning on dispute management.

  • And of course, years of successful legal practice.


We value each client and always respond to our clients' queries throughout our cooperation.

  • Free initial consultation.

  • Available, accessible, and reliable.

  • Making sense of legal issues.

  • Upon retaining, you will be assigned to a solicitor-in-charge who will handle your matter expertly.


We adopt the use of technology to ensure the best experience for each client throughout the journey with us.

  • Less time on admin, more time on clients.

  • Appointment-making made easy.

  • We definitely do better than just sending you e-mails.

  • Enhanced delivery of professional services.

What Our Clients Say About Us

best legal, jerry

David Lim

The Best Legal Representation That I Had So Far

"In this ever changing world, I seek professionals not only for their experience, but also their patience to understand my personal situation. Jerry Yong is one such professional. I require someone who will listen to all my questions and provide answers in words I can easily understand. He is the best legal representation anyone could ask for.

My needs were the priority and was treated more like a friend than just a client. My opinions were considered and my doubts were always be answered reassuringly. My nerves were calmed and the judicial processes were always clearly explained. Jerry fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure the best possible outcome."

legal matter, jerry

Charrie C.

Always On My mind When I Have A Legal Matter To Solve

"Jerry is extremely kind & patient with me my questions. He explained every aspect of my case, helping me to fully understand what was going on. When going through a legal issue, a great lawyer that is patient is important. Thanks so much Jerry! "

great service, rajwin

Manisah Samuri

Very Grateful For The Great Service

"We are deeply grateful for the great service provided by our family lawyer Rajwin Singh who fought our case in the High Court and won!

He is our hero!"

trust, jerry, lawsuit, law suit

Kuah Rulin, Hock Star Pte Ltd.

I Trust Them With My Company's Legal Matters

"Jerry is one of the most trusted professionals that I have worked with. He has proven that he has real applicable knowledge and strategy to the cases that we were working on. Another quality of Jerry is he is able to convert the complicated information and explain it simply for a layman like me to understand.

Jerry has delivered on his services to me, helping me to win my lawsuit of $250K after countless meetings and discussions to work out a suitable strategy for me. To find someone of Jerry's capability and honesty in his industry is really hard to come by. I am lucky to have met Jerry and have him represent my case."

intelligent, experience, lawyer, jerry

Ashraf Sirsimth

Intelligent And Talented

"Jerry in a highly intelligent lawyer and gave his 100% working on my cases. He has inculcated plethora of experience by virtue of his hard work. He made me proud by winning in my case. He is undoubtedly an extremely talented lawyer."

rajwin, lawyer

En. Salleh Sam

Kind-hearted And Intelligent

"Mr Rajwin is a very kind-hearted lawyer. He is very intelligent and he knows the law very clearly. He advises me on all my company matters. "

construction, jerry

South Asia Construction Pte. Ltd.

My Construction Expert

"I trust Jerry more than I trust the experts in my construction company. Even though he is lawyer, he can see things even better than all of my own experts combined, and pointed out where the issues are! And after that he won my case for me too! I am very lucky to know Jerry. Most recommended!"

company, lawyer, jerry

Chiva P.

The lawyer That I will always Go To

"At first I hesitate to book appointment with Jerry. but now I no regret at all. Just one consultation give me so much value. I applied Jerry's advice, and my company is now saved. Since then, he is the the lawyer I always go to. "

employment, rajwin

Goni Osman

Good Man Who Fights For Justice

"I am a Stone Cutter from Bangladesh. Mr Rajwin helped me in my employment claim. He is a good man who fights for justice."

arbitration, SOP, jerry

Thomas Ng.

Meticulous, Mindful, And Resourceful

"I have known and engaged Jerry Yong's services for a few years, and has always been awed with the way he handles civil cases and cases pertaining to Arbitration and Security of Payment (SOP) for his client.

He is always meticulous, mindful and resourceful in his work. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know who needs legal advice and services wholeheartedly. Wishing him all the best in his future endeavors."

experience, professional, jerry

Carina L.

Highly Recommended

"I have known Jerry through a friend’s raving commendation. He is very patient & meticulous when comes to handling my case. His experience and professional advice have saved me tons of headache, which I did not foresee had I not engaged his service.

I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice. Wishing him all the best in his future endeavors!"

rajwin, affordable

Anushiya Sridharan

Transparent And Affordable

"I trust Mr. Rajwin. He is kind and great with his work. He is transparent with his fees and is affordable."

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which lawyer in the firm is best for me?

Our leadership team in our firm will define which lawyer will suit you in dealing with your case. We highly recommend you to choose only one attorney to address your legal matters.

What do I get for paying your lawyer's fee?

You will get outstanding service and support through careful review, useful advice, and in-depth knowledge of our devoted firm in an efficient and cost-effective way.

How will I be kept informed of my case?

The transparency and communication between our client and lawyer is our top priority. We always strive to keep the client well-informed every step of the way. We encourage clients to adopt sensible ways of communications to facilitate the smoothest communication between client and lawyer.

What do I do when I have a question?

Simple, just ask us! You will be orientated as to how you are able to communicate with your lawyer.

What will the legal service cost be?

During your first meeting with your lawyer, he/she will determine the complexity of your case and the cost of his/her legal services.

What if I want to visit my lawyer personally?

If you want to visit your lawyer in person, you should make an appointment beforehand during our business hours.

What payment methods do you allow?

We accept credit cards, cheques, bank transfers, and cash payments.

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