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We Make Legal Stuff Easy to Understand

A lean and modern law firm, Rajwin & Yong LLP offers tailored strategic legal solutions to your legal worries. We specialise in Building & Construction Law, Corporate & Company law, as well as White Collar Crime.

The firm was founded with the belief that everyone should have equal access to legal protection, and that includes a clear understanding of the law even for those who are not legally trained.

We Treat You Like a Friend

Our approach at Rajwin & Yong LLP is to treat our clients like one would to a good friend.

Do you know the feeling of formality or the cold disconnect when speaking to a professional or corporation? Well, that doesn’t exist in our culture because we don’t believe in it.

We actively listen to and translate complex legal jargon into something that you can easily understand. You can also expect to receive legal advice in a straightforward manner like how true friends give advice.

We Make You Feel Right At Home

Our office is designed to set you up for comfort, where you can feel right at home to share with us your legal concerns. Speak to anyone in the firm and you will find that our team is friendly, trustworthy and approachable.

As our client, you can be assured to know that the legal team working with you is highly dedicated, empathetic and strategic. We endeavour to develop lasting relationships with our clients and our approach is why our existing clients love referring new clients to us.


Because experience, by itself, does not solve problems. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS solve your problems.

Trusted for innovative solutions.

Professional delivery of services.

Strategic planning on dispute management.

And of course, years of successful legal practice.


We value each client and always respond to our clients’ queries throughout our cooperation.

Free initial consultation.

Available, accessible, and reliable.

Making sense of legal issues.

Upon retaining, you will be assigned to a solicitor-in-charge who will handle your matter expertly.


We adopt the use of technology to ensure the best experience for each client throughout the journey with us.

Less time on admin, more time on clients.

Appointment-making made easy.

We definitely do better than just sending you e-mails.

Enhanced delivery of professional services.

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