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Jerry Yong - Singapore Top Building & Construction Lawyer

Jerry Yong

Managing Partner

“Experience alone doesn’t solve problems.”

As the managing partner of Rajwin & Yong LLP with 9 years of legal experience, Jerry specialises in both Construction Law and Corporate Law. He has gained the following of many loyal clients whom he has helped through the years. 

Jerry’s personal growth as a lawyer armed him with a strong belief that experience alone doesn’t solve problems. PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS solve problems. Jerry carefully plans and strategises innovative solutions for you so that you can focus on your other priorities without the burden of leaving legal woes unaddressed.

Known for his meticulously strategic and creative mind, Jerry follows the details of your case intimately and approaches problems from multiple angles. He remains undaunted as he stands with you to tackle challenges head-on. 

Rajwin Singh Sandhu


Confidence is a good start, but facts will finish the job.

Rajwin is a name partner in Rajwin & Yong LLP, a successful boutique law firm in Singapore. Bringing with him 9 years of legal experience, Rajwin specialises in criminal law with his prime focus on white-collar and commercial crimes.

Rajwin is a strong advocate for adopting best business practices, such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-corruption, to avoid unnecessary risks. He also provides legal advice on the due diligence criterion required for local and international corporate transactions. 

Beneath that bubbly demeanour is a warrior who will fiercely defend you in the realm of criminal law. Known by his clients for his attentiveness, patience and go-getter attitude, Rajwin will act as a shield to defend his clients as he believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Singapore Top Criminal Lawyer Rajwin

Remya Pisharath


“Everyone deserves a fair playing field for their legal worries.”

Whilst called to the Bar in 2022, Remya is a practising lawyer with 3 years’ experience in the legal industry. Remya packs her punches with her quick wits, empathy and logical thinking.

Clients who have worked with Remya loved her for her forthrightness and go-getter attitude, where she delivers frank and straightforward advice. Remya is also relentless in chasing down the details of each case in order to help her clients.

Remya’s main area of practice is in Corporate Law, where she believes in protecting the interests of your company and helping you achieve your corporate goals. Remya also strongly believes in fair play and seeks to help you level the playing field, especially when your company is caught in a legal woe. Her assistance has been proven to be vital for her clients’ ongoing businesses.

Shirin Tan

Legal Executive

“Diligence will always pay off.”

With 25 years of legal experience in civil litigation, family law and criminal law, Shirin is the pillar supporting the firm’s lawyers and its clients with her patience and resilience. She always dedicates her best and holds a strong belief that nothing is impossible to achieve as long as enough hard work is put in.

An invaluable asset to have in your corner, Shirin lends her vast experience, diligence and resourcefulness to support you.

Inspired to become a lawyer herself with hopes to specialise in Family Law, Shirin is currently pursuing her final year Law Degree (LLB) at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). 

Fadzlene Fazillah (Faz)


“Paralegal because lawyers need heroes too.”

Faz is the trusted right-hand who provides full legal and administrative support to the firm. Her organised and systematic approach to work creates strong synergy with the team’s deliverance of high-quality service to our clients. 

You are in good hands when Faz is on your case as she stays focused and is meticulous in her legal research, exercising proper due diligence.  

Faz is a person of refreshing candour – she is not shy to openly share her perspectives. She is currently double-majoring in Information Technology in Cybersecurity and Forensics and Criminology.

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